About Us

Mobile apps have many tangible advantages over websites. But building innovative and appealing apps quickly is a challenge. Giving the power of building mobile apps to creative people with no coding experience can help them make their contribution to this technology enabled world. But there are no reliable tools which enable them to work on real problems forgetting technological issues involved. This is the problem we are trying to solve.

There are a good number of D-I-Y mobile App development companies which claim to help the users build a mobile app in few minutes. But they all restrict creative thoughts of app creators and force them to stick with capabilities of their tool. The users cannot have the kind of UI/UX or features he/she wanted to have, instead he/she has to settle for generic templates D-I-Y app development tool suggests. On the other hand, adding more sophisticated features to D-I-Y tools make it tough for common users to understand and use features available in this tool.

So we have come up with this solution where we connect you to people who are trained to handle our tool which is sophisticated and has many features which do not limit your thoughts and help you get amazing mobile apps quickly. Also unique custom changes are also made quickly as we have a very robust backend integration system. So you can forget about hiring a software team and start working on your innovative thoughts now.

Our Team

Mohan Babu
Swetha Pudipeddi
Cheif, Operations
Mahesh Karthu
Technical Lead
Madhav Reddy SV
Software Developer
Santhosh Kumar
Software Developer
Jan Saida Shaik
Software Developer
Pallavi BM
Software Developer
Kusuma K
UI/UX Designer
Sneha M
UI/UX Designer